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Language tuition in primary schools is now compulsory in Key Stage 2 and many schools are electing to teach languages in Key Stage 1 to ensure a good grounding in the language.

A variety of languages are available including French, German, Spanish, Italian and Latin. Other languages are available by arrangement.

Many primary schools are now beginning to offer a language in curriculum time but this is often having to be taught by non-specialists. In order for the pupils to reach their full potential, it is essential that the language is accurate and that the teacher is confident in their subject knowledge.

By using the service provided by Love Languages, you can be sure that lessons will be delivered by specialist language teachers, will meet the requirements of the primary languages framework and allow pupils to be taught all aspects of the language in a fun but rigorous manner. Assessment and reporting is available and of course the advantage is that your pupils will have gained a very good range of competencies in the foreign language by the time they reach secondary school, thus ultimately giving them the best chance of fluency in the language as well as exam success.

We are also able to arrange "Super Language Days" in order to raise the profile of languages across your school as well as setting up links with foreign schools and organising language trips abroad. Private tuition is also available.

For further information on the services provided, please contact us.

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